Beginner Yoga – Have you always wanted to try yoga? Feeling stiff and achy? Intimidated by the thought of looking silly? Searching for a calming yet strengthening activity? THEN….this class is for you! You’ll learn the Sun Salutations, Asanas and the terminology used in Yoga. This class will also teach you about the Yoga philosophy and how to cultivate that philosophy into your life. Cost: $15 Drop-in Rate Level: Beginner Length: 1 Hour

Alignment Based Flow – This class is designed to open the chakras and to coax the body into positions properly. We will focus on the alignment of the skeleton in the traditional yoga postures; and how correct placement of the body not only frees up the joints and assists flow, but opens the chakras taking the practice to a deeper place. Emphasis is placed on the individual, and through time, we will explore and tune all the chakras. This class will operate more as a calm space for guided exploration/ alignment workshop than a traditional flow class. You will enjoy if you are looking to tune up your alignment and find energetic release. Good for all levels! Length: 1 hour Cost: $15
Date Thursday February 23, 2017
Time 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM

Chakra Charge Yoga Flow is a dynamic dance of flowing sequences that recharges every cell in the body. The class follows a format made up of opening invocations and mantras, centering and intention-setting, powerful pranayama practices, warm-up exercises leading into extended sequences of intermediate to advanced asanas, stamina building practices including Kundalini Yoga techniques, and exercises that challenge and develop neuromuscular drive and efficiency. Mantras, mudras and meditation practices and readings from yoga philosophy and spiritual texts provide the underpinnings that give context and meaning to our efforts. Esoteric breathing techniques and the mechanics of challenging asanas such as arm balances, standing balances, inversions and rotations are brought into focus. A synthesis of the 8-limbed path of Raja Yoga, Kundlini Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga along with influences from other yoga systems and traditions as well as with strong influences from the movement arts, this meditation in movement enlivens every fiber and generates new life. Experience rejuvenation on all levels and enjoy deep relaxation. Awaken your inner fire and fan the flames of higher consciousness with our vigorous practice!

Hatha Flow Yoga – Hathaway Flow, much like a slower-paced vinyasa flow, is about linking breath and movement to release tension from both the mind and the body. Starting with a short meditation, we will flow into a hatha sequence where we hold postures, build strength and increase flexibility. Ending the class with savasana and a head massage, this session will give you the release and rejuvenation you need.

Mindful Flow -Come stretch, breathe, sit and move with Mindful Flow. Reduce stress and increase wellbeing physically and mentally. Suzy is the founder and owner of The Breathing Room and has been practicing yoga for 12 years. She loves working with all different levels and abilities. She brings compassion, joy and a powerful presence to her teachings – always reminding you of your power to choose your experience. Cost: $15 drop in (see packages for deals) Level: All Levels! Duration: 75 blissful minutes

Morning Cardio Flow – This class is a wake up cardio flow for all levels with poses that will build strength and flexibility. The Vinyasa Karma poses will link the breath with the body’s movement, while keeping a pace that will raise the heart rate. Poses include a series of standing poses, backbends and handstands. Classes will begin and end with meditation and guided breathing.

Restorative Yoga – Rest and relax before the busy week ahead. Learn to quiet the mind and be present with the breath. Restorative yoga uses props to make it easier to maintain balance and comfort while releasing tension and stress. Rest and relax before the busy week ahead. Learn to quiet the mind and be present with the breath. Remember: “DO less, BE more.”

Restorative and Yin – Restore your body, mind and soul with this deep practice. Release tension from fascia and ligaments. Breathe with a fuller awareness. Spend time with yourself and connect with your spirit. Leave feeling like you’ve just had an incredible massage! Great for stress reduction, body awareness, clients working through physical and or mental/ emotional challenges or folks who just want to feel good! Note: with continued commitment, this class can change the way you think about yourself and the world. Cost: $15 Duration: 1 hour All Levels!

Strong Slow Flow – A strong flowing practice focused on connecting movement with the breath. Build heat with warm up and slow sun salutations. The first part of class, poses focus on strength and balance. Finish your practice with deep stretching, opening, and relaxation.

Vini Yoga – Explore your own body structure, and dynamics. Experience integration of mind, body, breath, and movement. Classes are conducted along the viniyoga principles of: *acknowledging the primacy of the breath *utilizing repetition of movement to access the postures *adapting postures to enhance their function for the individual Classes are suited for level I an II. From the curious beginner to the more seasoned practitioner with a beginner’s mind.

Yoga at Flywheel – This class is good for all levels of ability. Join Lauren – a certified yoga instructor and UNCSA dance school alumni, as she guides you through breathing, stretching and practicing your poses. Release stress, strengthen and receive the physical and mental benefits of this practice. Cost: $15 suggested donation Level: All levels Length: 1 hour.


Ballet/Barre – All Levels – Teens and Adults The physical as well as the aesthetic benefits of lengthening muscles, while strengthening them. You’ve admired dancers’ bodies, admit it (we all have). barre. combines Pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles – without the impact and injuries dancers endure. The other, just as significant, aspect of barre. is the focus it demands. And the focus you reclaim as you go through your workout – armed (with well-defined arms we might add) to face the rest of your day calmly, confidently, health-fully.

Breathe to the Beat – Music is the universal language of the soul. Join us as we turn the volume up a bit and flow to your favorite tunes. Each month will feature a playlist from a different artist. Learn to move with the breath, increase strength and flexibility, and have fun! This class is all about building community while deepening your personal practice.



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