There are plenty of reasons or even excuses as to why men won’t go near a yoga studio or even start to begin any yoga exercises. First of all, most men are looking for typical high energy sports, ones that can get there blood pumping, build up a sweat and let out any pent up feelings and let them play out on the field. When looking for something to do, yoga isn’t necessarily the first thought on any guy’s mind. Most men are looking for a challenge, and yoga doesn’t fit that description, at least on the surface because of how it is portrayed as being a female dominated activity. So, many first thoughts about is that it requires little to no skill to start. If I encountered any guy discrediting yoga for being easy and that only women do it, I’d like to abruptly stop him and ask if he had any experience on a yoga mat. I wonder how many would continue to bash on it.

Social Norms and Physical Disadvantages

Even in its humble beginnings, thousands of years ago, yoga was mainly studied and taught by men. Even though that may be the case, throughout history, yoga advertisements or programs mainly show women demonstrating the poses. For those who may even not a give a single hoot about how yoga is portrayed or how it’ll make them look to others, still struggle to find themselves in a studio. It just takes a moment of courage to walk in and not be afraid to ask questions.

Generally, a lot of men, and especially muscular men are not the most flexible. Let me tell you, yoga without flexibility will be painful and even if you are experienced in yoga. It is still difficult  There muscles are typically more tight compared to woman’s. Boys and girls are born similar but that typically starts changing at the start of adolescent, and the boys increasingly lose flexibility as they get older. Also, usually a man’s lifestyle involves heavy lifting, intense sports and activities that tend to makes muscles tighten more and have little to do with flexibility.

When entering for your first time, just remember you are going in for yourself and if you want to learn properly, just ask your instructor if the class is the right choice for you.

Benefits of doing Yoga

Consistently doing yoga helps prevent injuries. If you can limber up your muscles from tightening up all day, your body will thank you. And maybe you will not feel as sore in the morning. Along the way, you will learn after doing an intense workout, you’ll walk out feeling tranquil and anew. Yoga has contributed to bringing stress levels down, improve focus, stamina, and energy. It may even increase your sex life. Being in a different environment where there is no competitiveness and no stress to beat anyone, you will likely tap into yoga’s emotional offerings. Maybe you’ll find out the reason why your wife is full of smiles drenched in sweat coming from a yoga session.

There are no more excuses as to why you don’t want to try yoga. Say something about it after you’ve experienced it first hand.

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