Yes, it’s true! Today, we will be going over three very important terms that you must know in the yoga world. Lets begin!


In the yoga world, this means to control your breathing. In order to relax, you must calm all worries and become stress free by controlling your breathing. Try this simple breathing tip. Inhale for four seconds, hold it for four seconds and then exhale over four seconds as well. Repeat this two to three times!

This means “my soul honors your soul” or in other words, a respectful greeting. You might hear this term right before you leave class or even when you first arrive. It’s our way of saying, it’s good to see you.

The literal translation of “om” is vague. It can mean almost anything. Some translate “om” to represent the Heavens, earth and underworld. Next time your in class, ask your teacher about this term and see how they translate this term.

Okay, thanks again everyone for taken your time to learn a little more about the beautiful world of Yoga! We look forward to seeing you again next week!


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