Ashley is a former international equestrian rider who ran one of the largest equestrian centers in the Pacific Northwest.  Being homesick for the South, she left Montana and returned home to pursue a career in holistic health.  She had seen firsthand the impact that different modalities had on her horses and on her own body.

Ashley experienced tremendous relief from energy healing, after a debilitating riding injury.  Her passion for and confidence in the practice lead her to complete a certification as a Reiki Master.  To deepen her capacity to heal others, she also completed training as a massage therapist.  She cares deeply about each person she works with and her goal is to facilitate healing while alleviating and preventing any future pain.  Ashley has an additional certification in Neuromuscular Therapy, which allows her to work safely and effectively with trigger points throughout the body.

Ashley integrates multiple modalities into her work with individual clients, giving her a unique style among similar practitioners.  Her styles include Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Myofascial, Lymphatic Manual Release, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Reflexology. She is certified to incorporate tools such as hot and cold stones, hot bamboo, cupping, and gua sha.  She recently completed a certification in Cellulite Treatment and Reduction.  She is also certified to perform Energy Reset Transfer and is a Spiritual Life Coach.  She continues her work toward becoming a trained Shaman.

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