Laura Kerr

Laura moved from Nashville, TN to Winston-Salem after visiting a friend and falling in love with the city. Along with offering energy and frequency work, she is also a registered nurse and licensed esthetician. Her journey to energy work started when she was introduced to a Peruvian Shaman. Upon meeting her, he knew that she was meant to be a metaphysical healer and he encouraged Laura to embrace her gifts. She learned all that she could from him, including the technique that he named Quantum Light Healing. It accesses the frequencies of a person’s chakras, meridian channels, and axiatonal lines. The frequencies are increased and balanced leaving the person in harmony with the universe and their life’s path. This technique has not only dramatically improved her life, but also the lives of everyone who has had sessions.

Laura will work privately with clients to aid them in finding the wholeness they may be missing. You will be amazed at the changes that occur in yourself when your energy is flowing freely. Her goal is to empower everyone to find what nourishes their soul. Services offered are Quantum Light Healing, Reiki and Distance Healing.

– Quantum Light Healing. 45-60 minutes. $75. Quantum Light Healing taps into your unique frequencies to return balance to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life — a return to wholeness.
A hands-off process where I guide your body toward balance and harmony. I will work with the frequencies of your chakras, axiatonal alignment, and meridian channels.

– Reiki. 45-60 minutes. $75. A transfer of universal source energy into your body leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced.
A transfer of universal source energy into your body. Works with your chakras to remove blocked and static energy. A subtle and nurturing method of energy healing

-Distance Healing. 45-60 minutes. $75.
Can’t make it in-person to a session? Distance Healing allows energy and frequency work to be done regardless of the distance between the practitioner and customer. Perfect for those who live out of town or have busy schedules.

I need 12 hours’ notice of an online booking.

Each appointment will take up 1.5 hours and I will have a lunch break. 9am-10:30am, 10:30am-12pm, 12pm-1:30pm, 2:30pm-3pm, 3pm-4:30pm, 4:30pm-5pm, 5pm-7pm.