Pre-Yoga Session Thoughts

So, all my thoughts before starting yoga were pretty stereotypical. All of who participated in yoga were woman, and hippies. When doing yoga, it will be a breeze and that I’ll have more than enough energy to do some running later. What I did know, was that there are fairly simple stretches to do, to very complicated ones, and  some that may even require partners.  I had many thoughts before getting into it but I knew once I got there, there would be much more clarity as to what the atmosphere is like. And so, I went in with an open mind and ready to learn about a whole new world that I was about to enter.

My warming up & getting started

I had a wide spacious room to start my relaxation and so what, I first did was get my breathing to a real calm state. Then thereafter, I got to stretching every part of my body or as much as I could think to do to hit every part of my body. At this point, I had already greeted everyone and set myself down before we actually started to begin, I still didn’t know what to expect, and am wondering what kind of stretches I would be getting myself into.

Luckily, for me, I had the chance to have a one on one session with my yoga teachers. The fear of messing up and doing the poses wrong went out the window. If you’re afraid of messing up or embarrassed of having the wrong form whilst doing a stretch; remember it is always okay to ask for help, doing the wrong thing could have the potential of doing more harm than good. Even in a bigger class, the yoga teachers actually get to walk around the room and adjust your form so that you do, do them correctly.

I had noticed while being here, that I had been accumulating a good amount of sweat on my shirt. Whereas, I usually do not sweat, I just sort of glisten. But by the end of this session I had realized I accumulated a hefty amount of my own sweat and learned that a lot of stretches/poses required a lot of balance, strength, and sometimes having a lot of trust in doing partner stretches. When I got to remembering that I planned to go running after my session, was going to be a lot shorter than I scheduled.

Even then, I enjoyed my whole experience with the yoga word. It brought me a lot of tranquility,  it made me feel fresher, and it felt like I was breathing as a whole new person. Doing yoga will for surely be incorporated into my life now. I look forward to the classes they will provide in the future and getting to meet the yoga community.

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