Shakira Bethea

Yoga Instructor

Growing up Shakira competing as a track athlete, cheerleader and academic scholar in Winston Salem, NC. Amidst her psychology and chemistry studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, she began to explore the mental capacity that connects the physical and emotional aspects of the body, which brought her to her first yoga class in 2007. An inner shift became apparent leading to taking responsibility for ones life, exploring a mindset change and building the foundation of mind, body and spirit connection. Upon completing her B.A. in Psychology in 2010, a growing interest in holistic healing led to attending Body Therapy Institute in Siler City, NC to become a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist.

After two years of practicing massage therapy, the clear vision of helping others improve their wellness through a strong support system and foundation propelled her to the completion of a 230-hour Veda Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Heart of Yoga School in Carrboro, NC and Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with MomentOM Arts in Chapel Hill, NC. This opportunity created the space to passionately promote the practice of self-control, self-awareness, and positive interactions with peers including the practice of ahimsa, non-harming to ones self and others.

This journey of self growth allowed a deep, inner passion to pour out for aerial dance. Through this amazing journey of yoga and aerial art Shakira hopes to extend her story of growth and love to create and invoke the daily practice of self-love, compassion and practical solutions to increase awareness of holistic healing.

“Gratitude pours out to have the opportunity to work with amazing, fun, and knowledgable individuals while learning from them just as much as I have the ability to teach! Have faith, show gratitude and contentment is sure to fill you. The community will thrive with supportive leaders encouraging an active lifestyle full of play, exploration and growth.”


founder Suzy McCalley

founder Suzy McCalley


Suzy McCalley

Yoga Instructor

Suzy McCalley is a wellness coach, certified yoga and reiki practitioner, singer, actor, writer, speaker and entrepreneur. She was born and raised in Brazil by professional musicians and community-based entrepreneurs. Her passion is educating on issues related to business, stress and life balance. Suzy is a founder and co-owner of The Breathing Room, and also offers private yoga sessions.

Private clients and students that have worked with Suzy through her coaching and wellness program experience tremendous results. Clients gain new skills such as increased strength and flexibility, more effective emotional and mental management, reduced stress, greater confidence and productivity, increased levels of peace, joy, and overall satisfaction in their lives.

Suzy has been passionate about practicing and teaching yoga for more than 12 years.  Her unique journey brought her from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Austin, Texas, then to Winston Salem where she has lived for the past 8 years with her sweet son Henry.  A highly creative artist, Suzy sings, acts, writes, dances, plays the violin and teaches on all of these subjects.  Suzy incorporates a range of holistic practices into her work, including many styles of yoga (influenced by everything from kundalini to yin and ashtanga), meditation practices, breathing techniques and tai chi techniques. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) Practitioner. 

She works privately with clients to achieve greater mental, emotional and physical balance.  She is also a professional speaker and leads group classes and retreats for businesses, churches, schools and non-profit organizations.  Clients that have worked with Suzy experience tremendous results, including greater health, happiness, stress reduction and an overall increased sense of wellbeing in their personal and professional lives.

She currently offers private yoga sessions, coaching session, violin lessons, voice lessons, reiki sessions and EFT sessions.

Feel free to contact Suzy directly with any questions about these services!


Leigh Green

Yoga Instructor

Registered Nurse BSN  26yrs
Healthy Lifestyle Advocate
Australian  Mum of 3
I have Practiced yoga throughout the last 25 yrs of my life and started as a form of complimentary  medicine to in a world that predominantly relies on modern medicine to cure all.  I became aware during Nurse school that over 85% of people hospitalized were there with a lifestyle related disease.
Mind and body are connected and each affect the other.
Yoga has enabled me to cope and overcome many adversities in my healthy life – such as 2 traumatic events; divorce and a child that has been medically fragile for 15 yrs.
I started noticing how life stress, if not managed can result in physical body ailments.

“Your body hears your mind.”
I would like to share and teach yoga to others and let them realize the great benefits of how this complimentary practice can promote lifelong ,  heathy  benefits.

“A person can rise through the efforts of his own mind; or draw himself down, in the same manner. Because each person is his own friend or enemy.”
– The Living Gita



Kirtan Coan

Yoga Instructor

Kirtan Coan began her eight-limbed yoga adventure in New York City in 1965. She was certified to teach hatha yoga in 1978 by Dr. Rammurti Mishra, founder of Ananda Ashram. She is also certified as a Mindful Yoga and Meditation Instructor and an Advanced Practitioner of Vipassana Mindful Meditation with Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA, and has taught Mindful Flow Yoga to silent meditation retreats and spirituality groups in North and South America. Here in Winston Salem Kirtan has offered classes for Pretzel Logic, Whistling Women, Golden Flower, Arts of Yoga, and Yoga Gallery studios and since 1997 has taught Mindful Flow Yoga in the curriculum of the School of Drama at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA). She is also a psychotherapist in private practice and a clinician at The Mood Treatment Center. Kirtan fosters personal and collective awakening of our radiant heart and finds that her love of our yoga community deepens with every wrinkle.


Julie Dunton

Yoga Instructor

Julie is a Colorado native but has resided in North Carolina for 25 years. She began practicing as a student of Iyengar style yoga in 2008. She attained her 200 hour instructor certification in 2012 through Sunrise Yoga in Clemmons, NC.

Julie’s wellness background includes 4 years in the martial arts of tai chi and kung fu, from those practices she applies the controlled breathing and meditation methods, as they are essential for relaxing in each pose.

Her journey of enlightenment has been fueled by her encouraging passion to heal mind, body, and soul through the art of yoga. She has been gifted with authentic compassion that has a resonating ability to help her attune to the personal need of each student. Julie recognizes the essential need for whole body healing, and that need can be vitally enhanced by the calm and relaxing benefits of yoga.


Taylor Pisel

Yoga Instructor

Taylor is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level (RYT-200). She completed Savvy Soul Yoga’s teacher training program at The Breathing Room in 2016. She enjoys teaching therapeutically oriented classes as well as flows that welcome yogis of all levels. Pending the approval of her application, she will be a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPC-A) in July 2018. Taylor enjoys growing vegetables, reading, and spending time in Asheville.


Gayle Anderson

Yoga Instructor

Gayle has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years and completed the RTS 200 hour yoga teacher training certification program at Sunrise Yoga in 2015. Gayle has studied Iyengar yoga with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden. She began teaching yoga in the 1990s, and currently is studying for her 300 RTS hour certification. She specializes in gentle yoga and teaches at Arbor Acres Retirement Community.



Rachel Nolan

Yoga Instructor

Rachel was born and raised in England, but has made Winston-Salem her home for the past 4 years. She discovered yoga in high school, as a way of relieving exam stress. It was love at first down dog, and she has been practicing yoga for over twenty years now.

She realized she wanted to share her passion and practice with others, so she took the next step in her yoga journey by completing a 200 HR Teacher Training here in Winston-Salem, with Kristen Williams at K10Yoga.

Rachel believes yoga is for everyone. It is her mission to have you leave her yoga class with a deep feeling of inner calm and well being, that you can carry with you into the world.



Ashleigh Rainko

Yoga Instructor
Ashleigh Rainko is a certified yoga instructor who practices yoga for a greater sense of balance, fitness and mindfulness. She was initially drawn to the practice as a workout, though has grown to believe that yoga is a fundamental necessity to develop and nurture body, mind and spiritual wellness. With more than ten years of experience practicing yoga, Ashleigh earned her 250-hour yoga certification in January 2017.



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