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A Stargazer’s Solstice: 
Kundalini Sprinkled with Butterflies & Stars 
Online Live Schedule with Hsin-ya & Brian
Friday, June 18th (6:30-8:30 pm)
* “Butterflies & Bees: When the Insects Start Talking in Your Direction…” (Working with Animal Medicine)
* Kundalini Yoga sweat set 
* Meditation on listening
Saturday, June 19th (6:30-8:30 pm)
* “What Do the Numbers & Stars Have to Say About Us Now?” (Working with the 2021 Tantric Numerology & Astrological Configurations)
* Kundalini Yoga fine tuning set 
* Meditation to see the unseen
Sunday, June 20th (6:30-8:30 pm)
* “These Jewels are Good Fairies” (Working with Black Tourmaline, Agates, & Jaspers)
* Kundalini Yoga keep-up set
* Meditation to find your friends
Three-day pass, $50. Links for the event will be sent at least three hours prior to each session.
This event is online live from the Carolinas.

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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation   
with Hsin-ya & Brian

It is a very coveted incarnation to be incarnated as a human being. It is noted that 8.4 million lifetimes in other incarnations occur before a soul can inhabit a human body. In a human form, a soul acquires the unique opportunity to reach liberation. Though what does it mean to be human? Hu can be thought of as hue or light, and actually means “ray” or “radiance.” Man is of the mind. To be Hu-man means you are the light of your mind. Everything we do in Kundalini Yoga is positioned for this lightness of mind. Humanology is taking the science and psychology of the human being and applying the body, mind, and spirit towards fulfillment of its potential—for all of mankind and existence.

The physical body is the temple you have incarnated in this life. It is the balance point between divinity and earth. This is the seat of where dharma over karma is available (through our choices). It is in this physical body that all our other faculties are enabled to maneuver.
Utilizing the instrument of the physical body and specific coded yogic sets, we will build on the prosperous mindset. Two hours, once a week, six weeks. Although the sessions are continuous and build on one another, sessions can also stand on their own, and participants are welcome to sign up for single sessions if needed.

Sundays, 7:00-9:00 pm 
Starting July 4th (7/04/21-thru 8/08/21)
Six week Course: $150

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