Perhaps you’ve noticed that hypnosis is offered at The Breathing Room every Wednesday, but you aren’t sure how it works or what you might discover in one of these sessions.  To gain a basic understanding of hypnosis, you really just have to make one major distinction.  This distinction occurs between the two terms: Hypnosis and Trance.

First, lets start with Trance.  What is called “trance” is a naturally occurring state of mind that every human goes into many times every day.  This state of mind is the most powerful learning state known to mankind.  Successful scientists, athletes, artists, etc., all use trance to achieve incredible results.  Two times where this is absolutely predictable is right before you go to sleep, and right when you wake up.  That state of mind, right on the edge of sleep, is a form of “trance”.  You are very relaxed.  Your mind is unconcerned with all of the stresses and worries of the day, and you are much more open to suggestion and influence.

Hypnosis and Trance

This is one of many states that would be considered Trance.  Incidentally, this is also why you should not fall asleep with the TV on.  All of those messages continue to sink right into your subconscious mind as you drift off, and even well into your sleep.  TV shows with violence or anxiety driven messages fill your subconscious mind with those negative imprints.  These emotions and feelings are then acted out in your dreams, or in your conscious mind the next day.  Therefore, as an experienced hypnotist, it would be my suggestion to turn off the TV before you go to sleep, or watch/listen to something that has an uplifting, positive, message.

Other types of trance would include daydreaming, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or another social media site, becoming intensely involved in a book or movie, or simply reveling in the pleasure of the sights and sounds of nature to the absolute exclusion of everything around you.  These are all forms of the “trance” state.  It is a state of absolute focus, extreme relaxation, and high suggestibility.  It is this state of “trance” that hypnosis aims to achieve and utilize for the benefit of the person involved.

Hypnosis, on the other hand, is simply a process, one of many, which can enable someone to enter into the trance state.  As a hypnotist, trance is what we are looking for, and hypnosis is how we get there.  Hypnosis can thus be described as the tools and techniques through which one can easily and predictably enter into a trance state.  Once the trance state is accomplished, an effective hypnotist can guide the subject through experiences, feelings, and visions that lead to powerful, positive changes all throughout their life.

Hypnosis and Trance

Want to quit smoking, lose weight, become less stressed, enjoy sex more, improve your performance in business or sports, remove a habit, become more confident?  Whatever it may be, it doesn’t really matter.  All of these things can be accomplished through hypnosis, because, in the subconscious mind is where these behaviors and issues began.  You see, we are all hypnotists.  We are all hypnotizing ourselves all the time.  Do we want to be good hypnotists, or bad hypnotists?  Do we want to lead ourselves into new and wonderful experiences, or to old, worn-out, and stressful experiences?  You have that choice.  With the powers of the subconscious mind, mixing with the incredible workshop of trance, the possibilities are endless.  Begin tapping into to that immense storehouse of energy and wisdom today, and joyfully watch as the changes manifest.

-Andrew Eversole

Andrew Eversole is a certified professional hypnotist practicing at The Breathing Room.  He will be offering the last donation-based hypnosis workshop of the summer this Wednesday, June 25, at 7:00 p.m.  Visit Andrew’s website:  If you are interested in tapping into the transformational power of hypnosis through a session with Andrew, you may book it here.  Hypnosis Packages are also available here:  4-Session Rapid Change Hypnosis Program and 6-Session Rapid Change & Exploration Hypnosis Program.


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