Frequently Asked Questions: 


1. Do I need to sign up for class in advance?

No! You can just show up!  We recommend showing up 10-15 minutes before class starts so you have time to sign in and get settled.

2. Do I need to bring my own mat?

Nope! We have everything you need at the studio, including: mats, bolsters, blocks and straps

3. What should I wear?

Anything that’s comfortable for you to move in! Sweatpants, stretchy pants, basketball shorts, t-shirts – it’s all good!

4. How do I pick the right class for me?

If you are a beginner yogi who has never been to a class before, we would recommend starting with our Monday 6pm Beginner class or our Restorative class on Wednesdays from 7 – 8pm. 

However, all of our classes are designed for all levels, meaning the instructor will give several variations of a pose (beginner – advanced) to make sure that everyone is getting what they need out of the practice.

5. Is there a changing room?

Coming straight from work or running errands? Not a problem! We have a changing room and cubbies where you can keep your belongings. 

6. How long do memberships (class packages) last?

Unless otherwise specified, all membership or class packages last 3 months from the day they are purchased.

7. How much does it cost?

Drop-in classes are $15 but we have different class packages available. Check them out and see which one works best for your schedule! Never been to The Breathing Room before? Sign up for our 30 days for $30 package!

8. How many people are in the classes?

Most classes have an average of 4-6 students, however our studio can hold up to 21 mats.